Pork Share (Farmers Markets Only)

Store Pork Share (Farmers Markets Only)

6 monthly deliveries of pork. Roughly 10 pounds per delivery. Specific contents will vary month to month but typically include dinner sausage, pork chops or ribs, bacon or breakfast sausage, and a roast.

*** Only available at farmers markets or for on-farm pickup ***

6 dlvry. season Price:
Only available for these drops.
Delivery frequency
: Monthly

All of our pigs come onto the farm as young feeder pigs and live a happy and healthy life on our farm. We rotate each herd of pigs through fresh pastures and wooded areas, allowing them to graze and forage throughout their life. We also supplement their diets with non-GMO feed. We do not use antibiotics or growth hormones. All of the pork is professionally butchered, shrink wrapped, and stored in deep freeze to preserve freshness and taste and ensure food safety.

    Welcome to One Straw Farm! We are a family owned and operated vegetable farm in northern Baltimore County. Our farm is certified organic and we grow every item that we sell. Rest assured that every item in your CSA share was grown on our farm following organic practices. We have been feeding our community since 1983 and we can't wait to feed you this season!